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Mom’s Monday: Stay at Home Moms

on March 12, 2012

Does A Stay-At-Home Mom Have a Better Connection with Her Children?.

I found this question thought provoking. My mother was a stay at home mom for a good portion of my childhood. These are some of my most cherished childhood memories. It seemed that she made it her mission to share every day together as an opportunity for us to learn and experience the wonders of the world around us. Only now having experienced life as an adult do I really appreciate all of the hard work and sacrifice that my mother gave me. Experiences vary, and mom’s today are busier than ever. Every mom needs a quiet place to relax. Here are some of my etsy store favorites that I think could be ideal additions to any mom’s peaceful space.

In this rustic themed room you can find the charming Vanya Dining Chair from One World Traders. Periwinkle Avenue Pottery Vase Set from Illyria Pottery.  On the wall you can see one of wallinspired’s vinyl decals that is for everyone, the Safari Tree Decal.In the foreground there’s the  Brown Tweed Rag Rug from Mountain Momma Designs which was actually made from sheets from Goodwill.Mom Space


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