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Thursday Food for Thought – Businesses with “Brat Bans”

on March 15, 2012

When you make plans to do something special, like going to a movie you’ve been dying to see, or to have dinner at your favorite restaurant, would it put a damper on your evening to bring your kids along? Or do you enjoy having them with you for the special occasion? Maybe you don’t have kids – when you have plans to enjoy some recreation with friends or your significant other, do you dislike having other people’s kids around, does it spoil you evening?

Whether your all for the kids being around or against it, you may be surprised to learn that some businesses including airlines, resorts, movie theaters, and restaurants are changing their policies from being open to anyone’s business, to “Brat Bans”. No kids allowed!

You can click the link below for more details. Also please share your opinion in the poll below.

Who Knew.

Pouty in the Playroom

The collection above features a Vintage AirPlanes set from wallinspired since we’re on the topic of banning kids from airplanes :P.

Also on featured on the wall is a cute Blue Alphabet Kids Design Wall Clock from BunglonStore. Below the clock there is a fun print of The Tortoise and The Hare from iOTA iLLUSTRATION.

On the sofa there’s a stylish Indoor/Outdoor Decorative Designer Pillow Cover from nenavon. On the dresser, there’s a Natural & Organic Wood Toy Passenger Jet Airplane from countrysidegiftsllc.

Last but not least in the foreground, a cute but somewhat pouty looking little guy in a Fireman Birthday Boy shirt from REVOLUTION46R46.


One response to “Thursday Food for Thought – Businesses with “Brat Bans”

  1. Frannie says:

    Thanks so much! Ben loved seeing his picture.

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