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Saturday Sales & Spring Break

on March 24, 2012

I hope you’re having a great Saturday!

Have you had a spring-time vacation, or are you hoping for one?

A lot of kids are just wrapping up their spring break or they are about to start it. So if your kids are on spring break coming up soon, how will they be spending their break? Will your family take a fun vacation somewhere exciting? Or will the kids be “stuck” at home?

If you’re kids are part of the latter group, do you have a strategy of how to prevent boredom and complaining from setting in?

If not – don’t worry, Sarah Caron from SheKnows Parenting has got your back! I just found her article “12 TV-free Spring Break activities for kids”. 12 tips! I just had to share this with you guys. Please check it out and safe yourself some grief!

My favorite tip was the art show – probably because I would enjoy it more than the kids would 😛

Since we’re on the spring break, vacation subject and it’s Saturday Sales day – I figured it was an absolutely perfect time to share with you a beachy item in wallinspired. It’s a personalized kids palm tree and surfboard decal – a great gift for your little girl who loves the beach and wants to be there 24/7, but unfortunately happens to be land-locked in the midwest.

So please share how yourspring break went or is going and let me know if you had successwith the tips from the article!


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