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Moms Monday – Moms that Changed the World

on March 26, 2012

 Moms don’t get enough credit.

They carry the baby for 9 months, they go through labor to have the baby, they tend to the baby’s every need for 20 years (or more!), all the while taking care of other things – their jobs, their other children, their mates, etc.

Yes, moms don’t always get the recognition they deserve for what they do for their families, but what about what they do for the world?

Do you know the names of the moms who changed the course of history?

Test your knowledge by taking the quiz in the article “Why Are these Moms So Magnificent?

At the end of the test, it tells you your score and something about your personality.

I got Realist:

You have a good, working understanding of the important work that mothers do and the instrumental ways women have taken a stand. If necessity is the mother of invention, then these women found the necessary strength to move forward and make essential changes. As the chief policy-maker at home, you display both discipline and imagination in your approach to motherhood and parenting.

What did you get?

Did you like the quiz?

Did you learn anything new?

Photo: Marie Curie Print from WomenInScienceArt


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