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Thursday Food for Thought: Your Earliest Memory

on April 26, 2012

Last week I had a discussion with my mom and brother about what our earliest memories were.

I remembered riding around the neighborhood with my brother in our red toy corvette. I also remembered an old lady that lived down the street from us in a green house. I could also picture that a park that we used to call “Green Hill” had a carousel. It doesn’t anymore. My mom told me, “you were about 2 when all those things happened”. I was surprised I could remember back that far.

What about you? What is your earliest memory? Please share!

Photo credit: Thinking about Love from yardia


3 responses to “Thursday Food for Thought: Your Earliest Memory

  1. mamacravings says:

    One of my earliest memories was when my mom told me that she was having a baby. I told her that I was having a brother. I was very excited! She tried to prepare me for the baby being a girl, but I was sure that he was a boy. I also named him Adam. I prayed for him to be healthy and beautiful and to have cute clothes.

    The day the baby was born, he was a boy. And my mama even gave him the middle name of Adam. He was perfect. I was between 3-4 when all of this happened. I know I have older memoried, but I really cherish these memories.

    (After 2 more baby brothers were born, my mama said I could stop praying for brothers. We had enough. πŸ™‚ )

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