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Sunday Fun Day: Taking a Vacation?

Many people are excited about having a 3 day weekend this week. What are your plans?

I get four days away from my day job every week and didn’t end up getting any extra time off this week, but I can’t complain.

Anybody taking a vacation, getting on the road with the kids in the family car? Or are you just going to take a break and veg a little?

Kids children vinyl wall decal vintage planes from wallinspired

The timing of things is funny. I just mentioned in my last post that I was getting a bit tired and then shortly after the owners of wallinspired decided they wanted me to take a hiatus from the blog. So the wallinspired blog will be taking a hiatus.

I thank wallinspired for approaching me with this opportunity to write for them. I have learned a LOT and I discovered my strengths and weaknesses when it comes to running a project like this. I will still be writing at my own blog Pieces of Elise’s – so please check it out. I really appreciate all of your support to my writing! Now hopefully I can put in more time writing for myself 🙂

This is Elise signing off from the wallinspired blog – have a great weekend everyone! Until next time 🙂

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Sunday Funday with a little bit of Saturday Sales

Sorry I missed posting yesterday. Did you miss Saturday Sales?

Well, you’ll still get a chance to see what’s on sale in wallinspired. But first a little Sunday fun. Click the link below to read the cute article on the Etsy blog about pet furniture that stylishly fits with your home’s decor.

Get the Look: Dapper Dogs and Classy Cats | The Etsy Blog.

Do you match your animals’ beds and dishes to the style of your home?


Now on to what’s on sale.

Can you find the on-sale wallinspired item?

‘March, April, May, June…’ by piecesofelises

Felt Butterfly hair Cl…


Big Hand sculpted acorn…


CUSTOM Butterfly Mobile…


organic yarn – crochete…


Light Purple Girl Peony…


Ring Sling Baby Carrier…


24 Edible Butterflies -…


Circles follow squares …




ON SALE Kids tree vinyl…


Baby pink flowers bouqu…


Spring Summer Wedding S…


Hippo stuffed animal- b…


Baby Felt Flower Headba…


Rocket to the moon hand…


blue butterfly watercol…


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio


Sunday Funday: How Big is Your Dog?

Do you ever get online to check your e-mail and accidentally get sucked into a video or article because of the headline.

That’s what happened to me when I saw this…

Just something fun I wanted to share with you, since it is Sunday Funday 🙂

Do you have pets? Are any of them close to the size of George?

Please share!


Have we talked about food on this blog yet?

No? Well that’s about to change!

I came across this post on Our Life in Food and thought, “yum!” My morning breakfast routine is usually oatmeal, oatmeal, oatmeal everyday – so this fancy spin on scrambled eggs got my attention.

How perfect would this be for Sunday breakfast or brunch? Let me know if you give their recipe a try – I plan to soon 🙂

Inspiration: A few months back I made the most amazing discovery when cooking some scrambled eggs. Apparently cream cheese has the power to turn ordinary scrambled eggs into the most addicting, awesomely delicious food ever. I started adding it to my eggs that magic day and have not turned back. In fact, I’ve been craving and eating scrambled eggs (namely these zucchini and cream cheese scrambled eggs) several times a week now as a result.

What We Loved: Back when I first made these, Brandon said that these were the best scrambled eggs that he had ever had, and I’ve eaten them countless times since then for lunch, so I’m right there with him. These are by far my very favorite scrambled eggs. They’ve got so much to love about them – an awesome slightly browned onion flavor that I adore, a whole heap of fresh vegetable goodness…

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Sunday Fun Day: The Business of Being Born

How’s your Sunday going?

I’m a little late with this post, because I stayed up watching an interesting film last night. (Which I thought we wouldn’t get to watch when I saw a fire on the balcony of a nearby apartment!)

I watched “The Business of Being Born” instantly on Netflix with my parents and a good friend who suggested seeing it.

She had a home birth in the 70’s in rural Minnesota. She’d heard her mother’s tales of the horrible care, such as twilight sleep, she’d received while birthing her 4 children in the hospital during the 1950’s. My friend did her own research before deciding to have her baby at home. She found out that in other countries, like the Netherlands, a third of births are home births. These home births were less expensive and the mortality rate was much lower than here in the US.

According to the film, today the statistics have not changed much.

So, my friend told her doctor she wanted to give birth at home and he said, “Call me when you can see him”.

The way she tells it, it was a great time. The baby came out in the amniotic sac because her water never broke, and she said that may have contributed to how beautiful he was.

The doctor said, “Home births are always such beautiful babies. So well oxygenated!”

I found the film very interesting. Compared to “An Inconvenient Truth”, it showed OB / GYNs and midwifes, letting both voice their opinions. Mothers were also interviewed and it featured actual home births. They talked about the amount of c-sections done in this country, the use of pitocin, and epidurals, and how that affects the mother even after the birth.

I have never given birth myself, but if I ever do, I’ll be sure to do my research. Of course, if I opted for a midwife assisted home birth, I’d have to go out of town, because it is illegal here in Nebraska for a midwife, nurse, or doctor to assist in a home birth. However, if a woman gives birth at home without medical assistance, she won’t be prosecuted. What do you think of that?

Did you give birth at a hospital or at home? What comes to mind when you think of a home birth?

Did you watch the documentary? What was your impression? Did it change your perspective at all?

If you haven’t watched the documentary and you’re kicking back this Sunday, why not put it on the top of your instant queue and watch it for yourself?

About the Film | The Business of Being Born | From Executive Producer Ricki Lake and Director Abby Epstein.

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Moms Monday – Moms that Changed the World

 Moms don’t get enough credit.

They carry the baby for 9 months, they go through labor to have the baby, they tend to the baby’s every need for 20 years (or more!), all the while taking care of other things – their jobs, their other children, their mates, etc.

Yes, moms don’t always get the recognition they deserve for what they do for their families, but what about what they do for the world?

Do you know the names of the moms who changed the course of history?

Test your knowledge by taking the quiz in the article “Why Are these Moms So Magnificent?

At the end of the test, it tells you your score and something about your personality.

I got Realist:

You have a good, working understanding of the important work that mothers do and the instrumental ways women have taken a stand. If necessity is the mother of invention, then these women found the necessary strength to move forward and make essential changes. As the chief policy-maker at home, you display both discipline and imagination in your approach to motherhood and parenting.

What did you get?

Did you like the quiz?

Did you learn anything new?

Photo: Marie Curie Print from WomenInScienceArt

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Sunday Funday – 3 Easy Ways to Get Ready for Baby

Are you expecting? (If you are please share the good news in the comment section 🙂 )

If you are, and you have some free time this Sunday, here are some things you can do to get ready for baby.

1. Design Custom Bedding for the Nursery

I love customizing things. So I got excited when I saw a post on Cool Mom Picks about Nursery Designer by Carousel Designs. It allows you to design your own baby bedding and preview it in front of the wall color of your nursery.

Warning: This may be addicting and you may spend your whole Sunday designing bedding if you’re not careful 😛

2. Set Up a Baby Registry

Have you set up a baby registry yet? If not, here’s a forum that can help you decide on the best place to go. It shows what othermoms are saying about the best places to get a registry.

If you already know where you want to go, jump in the car, bring your bestie, or your husband, or both, and start making that list! It’s fun to shop, especially when you don’t have to be the one to pay!

3. Get your Baby Scrapbook / Photo Album Ready

Scrapbooking 101 recommends that you don’t wait until after the baby arrives to start the scrapbook.

One mom was quoted as saying,

“The first double-page spread of my daughter’s baby book records the thoughts my husband and I had in anticipation of her arrival…how excited and nervous we were to become parents for the first time.”

You can even start tracking your changing shape, the site says, wearing the same outfit in each photo like a time lapse video.

Have you tried any of these tips? Or do you plan to? Please share in the comment section!

Featured items: kids tree branch decal from wallinspired, kanga boo shopping cart attachment from TheKangaBoo, and peel and stick scrapbook album frame from APregnancyStory.


Tuesday Newsday

Hey everyone!

You may have heard this already, but today is the first day of spring!

Yay! right? 🙂

It’s a beautiful time of year in a lot of places. With the warming weather and brand new plant life this is an especially great time to get outdoors and enjoy nature and a perfect time for children to learn about the growing world around them.

Welcome March, oh month who brings sweet spring! « Christine M Grote.

Here’s a post I enjoyed with stunning photography of birds perched on tree branches and beautiful close ups of the spring’s first fragile flowers and leaves emerging to replace the dull palette of winter. Definitely check this out!

30 Fun Spring Crafts

These are some inspired and affordable craft ideas from Disney Family Fun that I thought would be great ways to celebrate the change of season, especially on one of the rainy days we have every spring.

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Sunday Funday – Mila’s Daydreams

Hey there! How’s your weekend going?

I wanted to share with you an inspiring project a creative mom, Adele Enerson, came up with.

She had alittle baby, Mila, and one day when Mila was asleep Adele thought the position she was laying in made it look like she was a little fencer. The next day she came up with the idea of making a background behind her daughter as she sleeped, with things like sweaters and pillows, it would be her dreams illustrated.

So if you have a little one and you succeed in getting them to take a nap, why not try this out for yourself? It could be fun and it would be cute to put the photos in a scrap book 🙂

Mila’s Daydreams.

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Boy’s Playroom

Hope you guys are having a good weekend!

What do you like to do for fun this time of year? Do you like to visit the local museums and the zoo?

The room below features some items that would add a sense of adventure to your young explorer’s bedroom or playroom.

I put this collection together with boys in mind, since so far I haven’t featured them too prominently on the blog. Sorry moms and dads with boys 😦 We didn’t forget about you, though!

So now in the spirit of an expedition you can do a scavenger hunt for the Etsy items described below – and to find them in their natural habitat (etsy shop) just click the underlined text- which will take you right to the listing!

In this playroom, the smiling little guy wearing the fun necktie is from the shop SuperSweetCreationsThe cuddily creature on his lap is a Phill doggy knitted doll from FrejaToysHe’s leaning against the children’s dinosaur cushion from toastiestudioThe Adventure Awaits Globe on the end table is from wendygoldThe two pooches are laying on a medium houndstooth dog bed from BBabiesBiz. The set of 4 plaid sea turtles vinyl wall decals on wall are from wallinspiredThe green dinosaur planter on the dresser is from crazycouture. The United States Map on the wall is from happylandings. The zoo animals wooden peg dolls on the book shelf are from goosegrease. Next to the crayons lower on the shelf are the organic giraffe rattles from SmilingTreeToys.

Boy's Playroom