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Friday Faves: Rockabilly

Cool rockabilly vintage look.

Sad Man's Tongue - Bar & Bistro - Prague

UK pin up model, Bettina Scarlett of Suffolk England is a Pin Up Girl with many looks. This is our third series, and if you have seen the first two,  Bettina Scarlett the Hemsby rock n roll weekender pin up queen 2010 and Suffolk Pin Up Girl Bettina Scarlett – Gallery 2, then you know exactly what we mean.

With so many different looks we could place her in any number of our galleries, but this girl deserves her own galleries.

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Sunday Fun day: Open the Photo Albums

Photo credit: Safe and Secure Vintage Photo from RomanceWriter

When was the last time you got out the old family pictures and talked about them with your parents, kids, or other loved ones?

I read two separate articles online that made me think about poring over the photos in my family photo albums. The first one I spotted on the Etsy blog. It was A Legacy of Style by Gabriella Cetrulo. She talked about the style of her mother in the 1970s, her grandmothers in the 50s and 60s, and her great grandmother in the 40s and 50s. She posted some great old pictures of each woman and it got me thinking about taking a look at my mom and aunts with their afros in the 70s. We also have photos from the early 1900s of family members whose names we don’t even know.

The second article I came across was Grandma’s Will from Yahoo! Voices contributor Amanda Barber. It is a good read about her spunky grandmother who inspired her to write. Reading her grandmother’s story made me think of my own grandmother, who would be 2 years older than hers. I know very little about her childhood and background. I would love to do some digging for more information about my grandparents and great-grandparents.

What about you? Do you know a lot about your family? How often do you look at you photo albums?


Friday Faves: Baby Pink

For Friday Faves: I came across this treasury and wanted to share it with you 🙂

I love soft baby pink things. There’s a vintage feel to it. It’s soft and dreamy 🙂

‘Be pink’ by reevpapercuts

Pink Mid Century Pitche…


Plush pink sea shell br…


Mother Day SALE Floral …


Posh Petals Large Bar S…


Gold Filled Pink Jade &…


Rosort fairytale sheer …


Pink sapphire tension r…


Light Pink Vintage Vase…


Beach Photography-Sprin…


Home decor, pink wall a…


Baby Shower Decoration …


Pink Bug (or CHOOSE you…


Paradise Soap – tropica…


Mother’s Day Pink C…


Linen tablecloth in lig…


Tea Rose & Chocolate (P…


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio

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Friday Faves – Spring Looks for Moms

This is my follow up post to my post last week on looks for your little guy

There’s been a change in the weather – which probably means it’s time to make a change in your wardrobe. Here’s some of my favorites from Etsy for moms (and women in general)…

For the Artsy Mom

1. Funky Embroidery sandals, beaded ethnic style from realmlistic

2. A cute Blue Denim Tote fromjacquelinrousseau

3. An intricate Pakistani Red, Gold, & Turquoise Beaded Headband from slacktopiancharms

4. A fun Sundress Summer Dress from VividDress

For the Active Mom

1. A cute Cream Stretchy Jersey Twisted Workout Headband from ThreeBirdNest

2. Great Yoga Bloomers from moonseats

3. Wonderful Vintage Shades Germany Boehler Santos Brand from RetroEyewear

4. A beautiful Light blue and green Butterflies Bracelet from sisicata

For the Fashionista

1. A glossy pair of Vintage 1970s Shoes in Snakeskin Print from FabGabs

2. A stylish pink lace cardigan from AndyVeEirn

3. A sassy Mini Ruche Bag in Ruby Red from jennyndesign

4. A handy Mineral Lipstick Gift Set from Blushie

For the Businesswoman Mom

1. A classic Vintage 1960s Mad Men Navy Blue Dress from VijolicaVintage

2. A functional Red pebble leather handbag from artoncrafts

3. Gorgeous Charcoal Smoky Drops Earrings from MADEbyMADA

4. An elegant Silver Quartz Bracelet Watch from XiaoStop

Next week I will be doing a post on Spring Looks for Dads (see Dads I didn’t forget about you) :)!


Moms Monday: Rockabilly Maternity Wear

Hey everyone! I hope the start of your work-week is going well!

I like to share cool Etsy items for expecting moms from time to time and I hope you will love this one as much as I do!

TicciRockabilly is a shop based in Budapest, Hungary who has some fun maternity dresses in 1950s style.

Anyone wondering: What is rockabilly?

rockabilly |ˈräkəˌbilē|noun

a type of popular music, originating in the southeastern U.S. in the 1950s, combining elements of rock and roll and country music.

ORIGIN 1950s: blend of rock and roll and hillbilly .

(Definition from my mac’s dictionary)

I just love how the dresses are photographed and I swoon over vintage dresses– so if I were pregnant I would definitely be checking out these dresses!

If you’re not pregnant, like me, don’t despair. TicciRockabilly also has pinup dresses and clothing for gals like us 🙂

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