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Tuesday Newsday: Breaking Wallinspired Blog News

I have a wallinspired blog announcement…drum roll… are you all sitting down? 🙂

If you read my post last week you know that I operate another blog in addition to this one as well as an Etsy shop and a bunch of other responsibilities. To tell the truth I’m tired. Dog tired.

This is how I feel

Multimedia Painting – Tired Girl from Amy22Mae

So I decided to make a few changes so I can do my best work and hold onto my sanity.

I will be offering chances for you to write here on the wallinspired blog as guest bloggers. All you have to do is tell me what you’re interested in talking about. The topics you can choose from are:






Interior Design


I am looking to post on the blog 3 times a week instead of the schedule of 7 days a week I was shooting for before.

Anyone else feeling tired out there? Let’s commiserate 🙂

Please leave a comment, too, if you’re interested in being a guest blogger!


Tuesday Newsday: Could Your Child Save a Life?

Last year I took a CPR/ First Aid/ AED course and became a “professional rescuer”. Even though I got the training I sometimes wonder if an emergency situation occurred, would I know what to do?

I watched this heart-warming video of a six year old who saved her best friend based on what she learned from a Disney Channel show. To watch click the link below:

Hero Kid Saves Life with the Heimlich


I surely didn’t know how to do the Heimlich when I was a 6 year old. It is definitely apparent, though, that if Beanie had not stepped in, her friend Aniya could’ve lost her life.

So what safety training do your kids have under their belt? Have you shown them any educational videos on what to do if a friend is in Aniya’s situation? Who they should call for help?

If you know of any good resources for teaching children to be safe, please share them with the rest of us 🙂

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Sunday Funday: We Love to Laugh

It’s been a long week (at least for me) and it’s time for a good belly laugh. Check out these links to get the laughing started 🙂

Bad Couples Photos – Ellen Degeneres Photo Gallery.

I thought the bad couples slideshow was pretty funny. Especially the one one with thee bride in the groom’s head. Hilarious!

Pet Slideshow: Funny Faces

If you’re an animal lover you’ll enjoy the pet expressions.

19 Unexpected Faces in Inanimate Objects

I think about how inanimate things look human a lot. What about you?

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Tuesday Newsday: Time-lapsed Memories

Do you have a special photo album chronicling your child’s growth from a newborn on? Those are real keepsakes.

How would you like a time-lapse video showing your child’s growth in motion?

That’s what one dad and filmmaker did in the video below:

<p><a href=”http://vimeo.com/40448182″>Lotte Time Lapse: Birth to 12 years in 2 min. 45.</a> from <a href=”http://vimeo.com/franshofmeester”>Frans Hofmeester</a> on <a href=”http://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Did you see any interesting news that you’d like to share this Tuesday?

It doesn’t have to be national news, just something important to you.

Share it in the comments area below, we’d love to hear from you!

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Tuesday Newsday: Tax Day Deals

Do you get stressed out during tax season, or do you think it’s just a drag?

The Yahoo! article linked to below shows some places that will be offering deals today:

Tax Day Freebies 2012 – Yahoo! Finance.

The free scoop of Maggie Moo’s frozen yogurt sounds delish!

Photo: Can’t buy me love print from humwithme

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Tuesday Newsday: Make it to the Dinner Table

Photo credit: Vintage Family Photo from vintageeffect

Are you a working mom or dad? If so what is your schedule?

Do you try to make time share a meal with your children? If so please share in the comment section how you make the time with whatever your work schedule is. You can also share your reasons if you don’t.

I found the article at the link below interesting. Facebook chief operating officer, Sheryl Sandberg says that she makes it known that she will leave work at 5:30 to eat dinner with her kids. It also shoes many reader comments. So take a look!

Leaving work at 5:30: Readers weigh in – On Parenting – The Washington Post.

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Tuesday Newsday: Something More than Sidewalk Chalk

 I saw this photo collection on Yahoo and wanted to share it with you all.

Please view it at the link below.

Kurt Wenner’s eye-popping sidewalk art | Photo Gallery – Yahoo! Games.

Did you see any interesting news that you’d like to share this Tuesday?

It doesn’t have to be national news, just something important to you.

Share it in the comments area below, we’d love to hear from you!

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Tuesday Newsday: Keeping Track of Your Kids

Hi everyone!

I’d like to get your thoughts on this article:

Microchipped school uniforms notify parents when kids skip school | Technology News Blog – Yahoo! News.

This Brazilian private school has embedded microchips in the school uniforms to alert parents of when their children enter school grounds or are more than 20 minutes late via text message.

The school implemented this technology after parents were so surprised that their kids had so many tardies.

What do you think of this method?

Vote below!

Photo: Kids Vintage Letters of the Alphabet decal from wallinspired


Tuesday Newsday

Hey everyone!

You may have heard this already, but today is the first day of spring!

Yay! right? 🙂

It’s a beautiful time of year in a lot of places. With the warming weather and brand new plant life this is an especially great time to get outdoors and enjoy nature and a perfect time for children to learn about the growing world around them.

Welcome March, oh month who brings sweet spring! « Christine M Grote.

Here’s a post I enjoyed with stunning photography of birds perched on tree branches and beautiful close ups of the spring’s first fragile flowers and leaves emerging to replace the dull palette of winter. Definitely check this out!

30 Fun Spring Crafts

These are some inspired and affordable craft ideas from Disney Family Fun that I thought would be great ways to celebrate the change of season, especially on one of the rainy days we have every spring.

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Tuesday Newsday: Women’s Status Worldwide

Women’s Status Worldwide: Best and Worst Places | Secrets to Your Success – Yahoo! Shine.

Hi Everyone,

Yesterday I read the article linked above on Yahoo! that talked about the best and worst places for Women to live in the world on a variety of factors.

One thing that surprised me, was this quote:

“The U.S. ranks 40 out of 181 countries and has not improved its maternal mortality rate (as many as 17 per 100,000) in the last 100 years.”

I understand that the US is 40 out of 181, but that it hasn’t improved its maternal mortality rate in 100 years is a bit shocking when you think about how far technology has come, isn’t it?

Please let me know your thoughts below…

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