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Want to know what to expect to see on this blog from day to day?

Here you go…

Sunday Funday

On Sundays I write posts about fun weekend plans and activities you can do on your own or with your family.

Moms Monday

Mondays are all about moms: cool items for moms, issues moms care about, tips for new moms, you name it! If you’re a mom you should be sure to check it out!

Tuesday Newsday

Parents care about the news (well at least my mom does!) so I like to share interesting news stories that I’ve found to be relevant to  moms and dads.

Thursday Food for Thought

On Thursdays I like to pose questions to you, the readers. I love hearing different perspectives, so I hope these posts get you talking!

Friday Faves

Fridays are dedicated to showcasing great finds on Etsy. Sometimes these items are things that I think would coordinate wonderfully with wallinspired’s decals in a nursery. Other times they are just great items that I want you to know about!

Sales Saturday

Last, but not least, there’s Saturday. On Saturdays I give you the skinny on what is on sale in the shop!


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