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Thursday Food for Thought: Your Earliest Memory

Last week I had a discussion with my mom and brother about what our earliest memories were.

I remembered riding around the neighborhood with my brother in our red toy corvette. I also remembered an old lady that lived down the street from us in a green house. I could also picture that a park that we used to call “Green Hill” had a carousel. It doesn’t anymore. My mom told me, “you were about 2 when all those things happened”. I was surprised I could remember back that far.

What about you? What is your earliest memory? Please share!

Photo credit: Thinking about Love from yardia


Sunday Fun Day: The Business of Being Born

How’s your Sunday going?

I’m a little late with this post, because I stayed up watching an interesting film last night. (Which I thought we wouldn’t get to watch when I saw a fire on the balcony of a nearby apartment!)

I watched “The Business of Being Born” instantly on Netflix with my parents and a good friend who suggested seeing it.

She had a home birth in the 70’s in rural Minnesota. She’d heard her mother’s tales of the horrible care, such as twilight sleep, she’d received while birthing her 4 children in the hospital during the 1950’s. My friend did her own research before deciding to have her baby at home. She found out that in other countries, like the Netherlands, a third of births are home births. These home births were less expensive and the mortality rate was much lower than here in the US.

According to the film, today the statistics have not changed much.

So, my friend told her doctor she wanted to give birth at home and he said, “Call me when you can see him”.

The way she tells it, it was a great time. The baby came out in the amniotic sac because her water never broke, and she said that may have contributed to how beautiful he was.

The doctor said, “Home births are always such beautiful babies. So well oxygenated!”

I found the film very interesting. Compared to “An Inconvenient Truth”, it showed OB / GYNs and midwifes, letting both voice their opinions. Mothers were also interviewed and it featured actual home births. They talked about the amount of c-sections done in this country, the use of pitocin, and epidurals, and how that affects the mother even after the birth.

I have never given birth myself, but if I ever do, I’ll be sure to do my research. Of course, if I opted for a midwife assisted home birth, I’d have to go out of town, because it is illegal here in Nebraska for a midwife, nurse, or doctor to assist in a home birth. However, if a woman gives birth at home without medical assistance, she won’t be prosecuted. What do you think of that?

Did you give birth at a hospital or at home? What comes to mind when you think of a home birth?

Did you watch the documentary? What was your impression? Did it change your perspective at all?

If you haven’t watched the documentary and you’re kicking back this Sunday, why not put it on the top of your instant queue and watch it for yourself?

About the Film | The Business of Being Born | From Executive Producer Ricki Lake and Director Abby Epstein.

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Thursday Food for Thought – Where Are You Headed?

Hey everyone!

As we navigate life, we all have to step back from time to time and think about where we’re going. If you’re a parent that question takes on greater importance as you are responsible not just for own future, but for your family‘s as well.

Of course not everything is under your control. Even the best of plans do not always pan out. So with the unpredictability of life aside, where would you like to see yourself (and your family if you have one) in say 10 years?

College / Education

Do you see yourself having that degree that you’ve always wanted? Your doctorate in fill in the blank?

Or maybe you see your little ones doing well in the classroom, getting scholarships to good schools. Your son or daughter playing college sports?

If education is really important to you and your family, that is very commendable. By all means do your research, even if school doesn’t look like it’s in the immediate future, it pays to know what kind of institution you will be trusting for your education. Also where do you see this education taking you? What jobs will it offer? What is the availability and likelihood of being hired for said job?

For your children, too, it is important to do research with them and that way you can sleep at night, convinced that you didn’t rush into anything!

Have any school experiences you’d like to share? Or any goals? Please leave a comment!


Who doesn’t at one point or another in their lives want to find that special someone? Do you hope 10 years from now to be living happily ever after with the one you love?

Just like choosing a school or a profession – it’s good to not rush into things. Of course that is common sense, but sometimes romantic comedies (really most movies and TV shows in general) may lead their viewers to believe that true love happens immediately as soon as you lock eyes with that handsome man or that gorgeous girl.

It’s not true. Don’t believe the hype. If you really want to find a compatible partner, take your time. Don’t run up to the first attractive stranger you see and ask them to marry you! Get to know people – think about what you want in a partner, the qualities that matter most to you. Evaluate the prospective candidates – then make a move.

Being careful pays off in the end.

Do you agree with that advice? Do you have your own opinion? Don’t be shy – make a comment below!

Start a Family

Are you in the place in your life where you feel like you’re ready to be a mom or dad? Or maybe you have kids already, but want more. Is it a long-term goal – in 10 years you want to have kids?

Either way here are some things to consider: How are your finances? Can you support another mouth to feed, plus everything else kids need?

How busy are you? What adjustments would you have to make when you have to devote attention to your child’s needs?

How does your partner feel about having children? How would they feel about the possibility of more children?

How’s your relationship with the children you have already?

Do you have a stable relationship, and are you convinced that you will be raising this child with the support of the other parent? If you have no partner – see the point before Romance – unless you plan on an alternative route 🙂

Please share your opinions, tips, what have you – on starting a family!


Are you in college hoping that down the road all those late nights studying instead of sleeping will actually lead to a well-paying, hopefully enjoyable job?

Or maybe you are ambitiously trying to start up your own business?

Well, whether you aspire to work for a good company, or become the company, here are some good things to think about:

Why do you think you would be well-suited to this career? Do you think you will be happy to do this type of work?

What steps have you already taken to start this career?

If starting your own business, why do you want to start this business? Flexibility? Creative expression? You hate your current boss?

Are you satisfied with your current career and want to share your success story? Or are you a entrepreneur who kindly wants to give newbies some tips? Please leave a comment!

Personal Growth

Maybe what’s important to you really boils down to the person that you are. In 10 years do you want to be a better communicator? Are you working on being more loving to your family? Or maybe you’re looking to boost your self-confidence?

Achieving your goals to improve your personality will translate into benefits in other areas of life.

So, how can you work on your personality? First, identify the trait you want to improve, enhance, or get rid of. Don’t overwhelm yourself, start small.

For instance, personally, I want to become less introverted. Making a conscious effort to think about others more than myself can really help me to start taking an interest in others, instead of hiding behind a rock.

Don’t expect to become a perfect person. It’s just not possible to transform ourselves into flawless creatures, but we can shoot for well-rounded.

I enjoyed writing this post and I hope you liked reading it. Share your comments below!

The lovely photos and illustrations are from (in order of appearance): SeptemberWren, SimplySublimeBaby, Nidhi, annasee, cordialkitten,  simonagraszl

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Thursday Food for Thought – Balancing Work & Family

Hey everyone!

Are you a mom or a dad? If you are, you probably work, too, to support your family. So how do you keep a good balance between work and family time?

I think this would be especially difficult for entrepreneurial parents who are running their own business, maybe out of the home. Is that your set up?

In the article linked below, Tze Ching, is interviewed about how she runs her 3 online sites while keeping up with her toddler twins. I get tired just thinking about it!

But don’t let me scare you, hehe. She gives great tips and also shares her advice to creative moms (and dads) who want to be their own boss and  be successful at what they do.

Featured Designing Moms | Mom Inc Daily.


Sunday Funday – Mila’s Daydreams

Hey there! How’s your weekend going?

I wanted to share with you an inspiring project a creative mom, Adele Enerson, came up with.

She had alittle baby, Mila, and one day when Mila was asleep Adele thought the position she was laying in made it look like she was a little fencer. The next day she came up with the idea of making a background behind her daughter as she sleeped, with things like sweaters and pillows, it would be her dreams illustrated.

So if you have a little one and you succeed in getting them to take a nap, why not try this out for yourself? It could be fun and it would be cute to put the photos in a scrap book 🙂

Mila’s Daydreams.

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Mom’s Monday: Stay at Home Moms

Does A Stay-At-Home Mom Have a Better Connection with Her Children?.

I found this question thought provoking. My mother was a stay at home mom for a good portion of my childhood. These are some of my most cherished childhood memories. It seemed that she made it her mission to share every day together as an opportunity for us to learn and experience the wonders of the world around us. Only now having experienced life as an adult do I really appreciate all of the hard work and sacrifice that my mother gave me. Experiences vary, and mom’s today are busier than ever. Every mom needs a quiet place to relax. Here are some of my etsy store favorites that I think could be ideal additions to any mom’s peaceful space.

In this rustic themed room you can find the charming Vanya Dining Chair from One World Traders. Periwinkle Avenue Pottery Vase Set from Illyria Pottery.  On the wall you can see one of wallinspired’s vinyl decals that is for everyone, the Safari Tree Decal.In the foreground there’s the  Brown Tweed Rag Rug from Mountain Momma Designs which was actually made from sheets from Goodwill.Mom Space

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Friday Etsy Faves: Let the Good Times Roll

Friday: Let the Good Times Roll

Hey all!

So it’s Friday. Maybe you’ve already got your weekend planned. Or maybe not. Maybe Fridays you just go home and sit on the couch, kick up your feet and relax. You put on a movie or play some tunes. You get the kids to go play outside since it’s warming up and then they come in and they’re so tired they take a nap without you having to tell them. Doesn’t that sound like a good Friday?

So share with us your Friday plans. Are your Fridays laid back or do you end the day feeling like you’ve just run a marathon?

Also please check out the shops featured in the collection above.

Live & Be Free Tee from TwoStringJaneBraids Art Print from Nidhiand Old Records Decal from Wallinspired

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