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One Word Wednesday

The saying goes that a picture says a thousand words.

Below is a family portrait from today’s featured Etsy shop Rita Studio.

In one word, what does this picture say to you? Please feel free to comment.


One Word Wednesday


The saying goes that a picture says a thousand words. Below is an original art print from today’s featured etsy artist Natalia Denger. In one word, what does this picture say to you? Please feel free to comment.

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Thursday Food for Thought: When Was the Last Time You Tried Something New?

Good morning!

I’m excited to start this day and I hope you are, too.

If you’re not, I’m sorry. Maybe asking yourself this question will help you explore the great potential each day offers us to learn, grow, and be happy.

When was the last time you tried something new? Do you remember?

Did you try eating at  a new restaurant? Or did you eat a fish taco for the first time? (I did a few weeks ago).

Did you listen to some music from an artist that you just recently discovered? Or did you try writing your own song?

Please share the new things you’ve tried recently and what you plan to try today!

Just comment below!

Photo credit: Try Something New For a Change from lineanongrata

Stop by every Thursday for more food for thought!


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Sunday Fun Day: The Business of Being Born

How’s your Sunday going?

I’m a little late with this post, because I stayed up watching an interesting film last night. (Which I thought we wouldn’t get to watch when I saw a fire on the balcony of a nearby apartment!)

I watched “The Business of Being Born” instantly on Netflix with my parents and a good friend who suggested seeing it.

She had a home birth in the 70’s in rural Minnesota. She’d heard her mother’s tales of the horrible care, such as twilight sleep, she’d received while birthing her 4 children in the hospital during the 1950’s. My friend did her own research before deciding to have her baby at home. She found out that in other countries, like the Netherlands, a third of births are home births. These home births were less expensive and the mortality rate was much lower than here in the US.

According to the film, today the statistics have not changed much.

So, my friend told her doctor she wanted to give birth at home and he said, “Call me when you can see him”.

The way she tells it, it was a great time. The baby came out in the amniotic sac because her water never broke, and she said that may have contributed to how beautiful he was.

The doctor said, “Home births are always such beautiful babies. So well oxygenated!”

I found the film very interesting. Compared to “An Inconvenient Truth”, it showed OB / GYNs and midwifes, letting both voice their opinions. Mothers were also interviewed and it featured actual home births. They talked about the amount of c-sections done in this country, the use of pitocin, and epidurals, and how that affects the mother even after the birth.

I have never given birth myself, but if I ever do, I’ll be sure to do my research. Of course, if I opted for a midwife assisted home birth, I’d have to go out of town, because it is illegal here in Nebraska for a midwife, nurse, or doctor to assist in a home birth. However, if a woman gives birth at home without medical assistance, she won’t be prosecuted. What do you think of that?

Did you give birth at a hospital or at home? What comes to mind when you think of a home birth?

Did you watch the documentary? What was your impression? Did it change your perspective at all?

If you haven’t watched the documentary and you’re kicking back this Sunday, why not put it on the top of your instant queue and watch it for yourself?

About the Film | The Business of Being Born | From Executive Producer Ricki Lake and Director Abby Epstein.

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Tuesday Newsday: Women’s Status Worldwide

Women’s Status Worldwide: Best and Worst Places | Secrets to Your Success – Yahoo! Shine.

Hi Everyone,

Yesterday I read the article linked above on Yahoo! that talked about the best and worst places for Women to live in the world on a variety of factors.

One thing that surprised me, was this quote:

“The U.S. ranks 40 out of 181 countries and has not improved its maternal mortality rate (as many as 17 per 100,000) in the last 100 years.”

I understand that the US is 40 out of 181, but that it hasn’t improved its maternal mortality rate in 100 years is a bit shocking when you think about how far technology has come, isn’t it?

Please let me know your thoughts below…

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